Agenzia Romana

In 2006 Sodip established Agenzia Romana Distribuzione Giornali e Riviste for the distribution of its publications in Rome. A demanding yet farsighted decision which, through the changing years that followed, has provided the tranquillity of being able to control and directly manage distribution in the most important city in Italy. Now Agenzia Romana also operates – always under the control of Sodip – for other National Distributors, publishers and local realities. Covering an area of ​​about 4,500 square meters, Agenzia Romana has the best technology for handling shipments as well as returns. It supplies about 850 newsstands in the city of Rome with 40 daily rounds, travelling more than 5,200 km every day! Agenzia Romana organizes promotional activities for the retailers, monitors sales and offers special services for the Fiumicino Airport and the Termini Railway Station, also through to a dedicated in-house inspection service.